The collected works of Per Martin-Löf

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Title Date
Definition of Random Sequences 1966
Algorithms and randomness 1969
Notes on constructive mathematics (Almqvist & Wiksell) 1970
A theory of types (Preprint, Stockholm University) 1971
Hauptsatz for the intuitionistic theory of iterated inductive definitions 1971
Complexity Oscillations in Infinite Binary Sequences 1971
Infinite terms and a system of natural deduction 1972
An Intuitionistic Theory of Types 1972
The Notion of Redundancy and Its Use as a Quantitative Measure of the Discrepancy between a Statistical Hypothesis and a Set of Observational Data 1974
An Intuitionistic Theory of Types: Predicative Part (Proceedings of the logic colloquium Bristol, July 1973) 1975
About Models for Intuitionistic Type Theories and the notion of Definitional Equality 1975
Syntax and semantics of the language of primitive recursive functions (Preprint written with Peter Hancock) 1975
Reply to Sverdrups Polemical Article Tests without Power 1975
A note to Michael Dummett 1976
Exact tests, confidence regions and estimates 1977
Constructive mathematics and computer programming (Tech report) 1979
Constructive mathematics and computer programming 1982
On the Meanings of the Logical Constants and the Justification of Logical Laws 1983
Notes on The Domain Interpretation of Type Theory 1983
Intuitionistic Type Theory (Bibliopolis Book, notes by Giovanni Sambin of a series of lectures given in Padua, June 1980) (Re-typeset and searchable version) 1984
The logic of Judgements 1987
Truth of a Proposition, Evidence of a Judgment, Validity of a Proof 1987
Philosophical implications of type theory (Lectures given at the Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Universitá degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, March 15th - May 15th, Privately circulated notes) 1987
Mathematics of Infinity 1990
A path from logic to metaphysics 1990
Substitution calculus (Notes from a lecture given in Göteborg) 1992
Analytic and Synthetic Judgements in Type Theory 1994
Truth and Knowability: On the Principles C and K of Michael Dummett 1998
Hilbert Brouwer Controversy Resolved? 2008
Are the objects of propositional attitudes propositions in the sense of propositional and predicate logic? 2003
Normalization by Evaluation and by the Method of Computability (Talk at JAIST, Kanazawa) 2004
One hundred years of Zermelo's axiom of choice. What was the problem with it? 2009
Verificationism Then and Now 2013
Making sense of normalization by evaluation (Talk given at a workshop on Type theory and formalization of mathematics in Gothenburg, December 11th) 2014